Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan Asks That People Stop Invading The Privacy Of His Home

On May 23, his agency, Office DH, released an official statement via social media.

Hello, this is Office DH.

We have made this request multiple times through official notices, but there are people who have not listened, so we will say it once more.

Starting last summer, there is a person who has been coming to [Kim Dong Wan’s] house.

We have tried talking to the person directly as well as calling the police. After the police call, they did not appear for a while, but today this person actually jumped the fence and went up to the front door.

Until now, they had been outside the fence, but as they jumped the fence today, this is a clear instance of trespassing.

If there is someone who knows this person, who has continuously been seeking Kim Dong Wan out at his home, please dissuade them from this behavior.

Kim Dong Wan’s house is his personal space. It is a precious place where he can rest and recharge without interference from other people.

Do not ever engage in behavior like following an artist to his house.

Thank you.

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