SHINee’s Minho And Key Commemorate The Late Jonghyun’s Birthday With Unreleased Photos And Touching Words – KpopHit

The SHINee members are known for their close bond and genuine love for each other. Although member Jonghyun tragically passed away a few years ago, the members constantly express how much they miss him. As his birthday falls on April 8, the members and fans took to social media to congratulate the singer.

Minho posted a never-before-seen photo of Jonghyun backstage, along with the caption, “happy birthday to my j. Happy birthday, hyung. I always miss you.

Key has always been vocal about how much he misses the precious main vocal. He uploaded a photo of Jonghyun in a stage costume, explaining the comic expression on Jonghyun’s face with, “I said I’d take a picture of you in your outfit, was it that tiresome, you? Happy birthday. I miss you and love you a lot.” Despite Key’s teasing, it’s obvious how close they are.

Although the maknae Taemin and leader Onew have yet to congratulate his hyung on his birthday, we all know that they both treasure and look up to Jonghyun a lot.

Jonghyun will always hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. We congratulate him deeply on his birthday and pray for his happiness in the skies.


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