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SHINee‘s Key and Taemin recently recorded an episode of Marie Claire Guessing Interview together, and they revealed which SHINee member they would choose as their dad!

In the interview, Key and Taemin were asked a series of questions and had to guess how the other person would answer. One of the questions was, “If you would have to be born as one of the member’s son in the next life, which member would you choose as a father?” 

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Key sighed after hearing the question, and Taemin told Key that being Taemin’s son would be the best for him.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Key guessed that Taemin would choose to be his son, and he was right!

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube

Taemin said that Key would respect his opinions as a father. Key seemed totally on board with being Taemin’s dad but pointed out that SHINee’s youngest member would probably want to take expensive private lessons.

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

Key chose Taemin to be his father and said Taemin would be a very generous parent. Taemin nodded his agreement and dubbed himself an “okay-father.” 

| Marie Claire Korea/YouTube 

Check out the rest of Key and Taemin’s Marie Claire Guessing Interview below!


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