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Sick of ridiculous yo-yo diets? Want a healthier weight-loss solution?

Well, you’re not alone. It has recently been announced that Super Junior’s ShinDong has joined a weight loss company to help him shed some unwanted weight.

The company, which is well-known for working with other overweight and obese celebrities, has shared that ShinDong currently weighs 116kg, and that his target goal is 75kg (a total weight loss goal of 41kg).

ShinDong, has had struggled with his weight for some time now and said, “I tried a lot of different diets in order to take care of my weight but I gained it all back and it’s become a danger to my health. I’m considering this my last chance, and I’ll be learning to diet through a healthy method.”

Though we cannot comment on the effectiveness of this diet company or how safe their methods are, we hope for the best and wish Shindong luck on his journey to better health!




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