SEVENTEEN's Teamwork Became Stronger Because Of A Math Problem

SEVENTEEN is known for many things, and one of them is having great team work!

In the latest episode of GOING SEVENTEEN, the group was required to achieve a score of 100 in karaoke, and they needed to find some items to help them fulfill that goal!


To get a clue, they needed to play a game, fulfill a task, and even solve math problems!

2 math

SEVENTEEN were handed math problems they needed to answer correctly in order to attain the passcode for them to unlock the padlock and gain an item that will help them succeed in their mission and eventually escape the room!

1 math

SEVENTEEN started panicking a bit after the first seeing the math problem and realizing that they needed to solve it to help them escape the room!

3 math

Seungkwan shouted and asked the group if there was anyone who majored in natural science among them, or if there was anyone who was simply good at math! After a few minutes of solving the problem, some quicker than others, they tried using the final answer as the code to unlock the padlock.

4 math

However after trying, they didn’t succeed. SEVENTEEN then tried computing for the answers again, and were finally able to answer correctly and eventually unlock the padlock!

5 math

SEVENTEEN were all trying their best to solve the math problem, and no one complained or blamed the other members when the answers were wrong in their first try.

This really showed how mature SEVENTEEN is as a group and as individuals and how much teamwork they have. Everyone in the team participated and contributed something to help them escape the room.

Watch Part 2 of the Escape Singing Room episode here:

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