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SEVENTEEN is back with another powerful title track ‘HIT’ and fans love how they look extremely good in this comeback. If you have yet to check out their music video, you can do so below.

On Aug. 8, SEVENTEEN took the stage of Mnet “Mcountdown” with ‘HIT’ and fans were once again impressed the performance as well as the choreography.

With that being said, viewers who had watched the broadcast were also amazed by how synchronized all 13 of them are since it is never easy to match with the large number of members.

One netizen pointed out that there are many parts of the choreography that she was left jaw-dropped because of how good they are.

Take a look at how they are dancing!

If you are curious to see the full fancam by M2, you can also take a look below.

Many CARAT began to wonder when SEVENTEEN will be releasing the dance practice video for ‘HIT’ and shared that they will definitely be impressed again.

Are you also impressed by how synchronized they are?


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