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In a video released recently, SEVENTEEN played a game where they had to draw a picture in a relay according to the given keyword. The last person of the team had to guess the keyword based on the drawing, and was required to wear headphones while listening to music in order to avoid hearing how the other members planned to draw the given keyword.

The first team to play included members VERNONJunHoshi, and Seungkwan, with the team deciding that Seungkwan will be the guesser.


When the game started, Seungkwan started listening to music through his headphones.

While the rest of his team was drawing and panicking over how to make their drawings easier for Seungkwan to guess the keyword, Seungkwan was just in his own little world jamming to some of the songs girl groups have released.

2 boo

The first song in Seungkwan’s girl group playlist is ITZY‘s “Icy”.


While the members were drawing, Seungkwan is heard at the background and hitting all the high notes in the song! He is indeed SEVENTEEN’s Main Vocal.

The second song in Seungkwan’s girl group playlist is Red Velvet‘s “Zimzalabim”.

1 boo

Seungkwan yet again manages to hit all the high notes in the song which can be clearly heard in the background and served as the video’s main background music! He even got up on his feet and started dancing when the bridge of the song came on.

Hoshi made a pun out of the song and jokingly told Seungkwan to just go home since he couldn’t guess any of the keywords, but Seungkwan was busy jamming to Zimzalabim to hear what he said!

Watch the full video here:

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