SEVENTEEN Members Know More About Each Other Than They Know About Themselves

In a up to date interview with Marie Claire Korea, SEVENTEEN contributors S.Coups, Jeonghan, Mingyu, Vernon, and Joshua performed a sport of “Guess The Answer”, wherein the contributors attempted to wager the proper resolution to a query requested about each and every of the contributors.

The first query quizzed the contributors on what Mingyu may do once he wakes up within the morning.


Members straight away replied that he frequently sleeps thru his alarms…

S.Coups: Hitting the alarm.
Joshua: Failing to hit it accurately.
Vernon: Or ignoring the alarm and slumbering thru it. Just now not getting up in any respect.

… and Mingyu admitted the contributors have been very a lot on level.

I consider they’re right kind…!

— Mingyu

For Jeonghan, the query had contributors guessing which animal he would possibly call to mind himself being…


… and whilst the contributors had a number of animals for Jeonghan – all of which did have some uncanny resemblance with Jeonghan’s visible and private characteristics,

Mingyu: A fox. A fennec fox.
S.Coups: A lizard!
Joshua: A turtle?

he concept differently. Note how the contributors couldn’t reasonably relate to Jeonghan’s resolution regardless that!

I’m a bunny, I feel.

— Jeonghan


The subsequent query had the contributors wager what they suspect S.Coups does each time he sees himself within the replicate.

Mingyu and Jeonghan playfully set free an extended sigh…


… to which S.Coups objected!

S.Coups: Why are you sighing! Why would I sigh?
Jeonghan: I imply, it can be a just right sigh. Like ‘sigh, I’m so good-looking’ sigh.

S.Coups corrected the contributors and clarified that he normally exams if his face is puffy or now not.


For Joshua, contributors needed to wager what he does when he’s in a just right temper. Members discovered this one simple to respond to…

… and identified the entire issues that Joshua does when he’s feeling just right!

Mingyu: He is going ‘yooooo’.
Jeonghan: He smiles in reality giant.
Vernon: And he will get in reality cheeky. He performs a large number of pranks.

Joshua agreed and mentioned, “I do think I laugh a lot and joke around a lot, when I’m in a good mood. I also talk a lot too.”


Lastly, the contributors guessed what Vernon may were doing had he now not selected to coach as a Ok-Pop idol and debut with SEVENTEEN.

While it used to be arduous for the contributors to think about Vernon outdoor the group, now not because the buffalo they know him to be, they attempted to wager what they concept used to be possibly…

Jeonghan: An English trainer!
S.Coups: He would’ve been misplaced.
Joshua: Yeah, I don’t assume he would’ve had it found out but.
Mingyu: A style?


… and Vernon agreed to Joshua’s resolution.

Yeah, I feel Joshua’s proper. I wouldn’t have recognized what to do with myself.

— Vernon

Carats had a blast observing how years of teamwork have flip those contributors into one thing even nearer than circle of relatives. They’ve gotten to grasp such a lot about each and every different, to the purpose that they from time to time know higher than the individual himself. And it’s this unbreakable brotherhood that helps to keep SEVENTEEN so tight-knit, so robust – and so completely in-sync as one!


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