Seo Ji Hye’s Agency Once Again Denies She Is Dating Kim Jung Hyun, Refuting Dispatch’s Report – KpopHit

Seo Ji Hye‘s agency Culture Depot has once again denied the dating rumors between her and Kim Jung Hyun, stating they are just close friends.

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In a statement made to Herald Pop, Culture Depot shared that Kim Jung Hyun was only at Seo Ji Hye’s apartment to discuss the possibility of joining their agency.

The two are just close friends. A lot of celebrities live in Seongdong-gu.

They met at one of their homes because they live close to each other and they thought it was better to meet at a home rather than outside, due to Covid-19.

The two just talked about Kim Jung Hyun’s upcoming free agency.

— Culture Depot

Earlier today, it was reported by Sports Chosun that Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ji Hye were in a relationship, however the reports were very quickly denied by both actors’ agencies. More suspicions arose when it was revealed by Ilgan Sports that Kim Jung Hyun is in discussions to join Seo Ji Hye’s agency, Culture Depot, following the expiration of his contract with his current agency, O& Entertainment.


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