Season 1 Cast Member Yang Se Jong Confirmed To Make Special Appearance In “Dr. Romantic 2”

The Dol Dam Hospital is set to welcome a special return!

On January 29, a source from Yang Se Jong’s agency Good People Entertainment stated, “Yang Se Jong is confirmed to be making a special appearance on ‘Dr. Romantic 2.’ He will begin filming on February 1, and the broadcast date has not been set yet.”

The source went on to explain, “‘Dr. Romantic‘ was Yang Se Jong’s debut drama, so he feels a great sense of affection and gratitude towards it. He was given a great offer, so he agreed to make an appearance.”

Yang Se Jong greeted viewers for the first time in 2016 when he took on the role of Do In Bum in the first season of “Dr. Romantic.” Though he had filmed “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” first, it began airing in 2017 so “Dr. Romantic” was the first drama viewers saw him in.

Are you excited to see Yang Se Jong’s special appearance in “Dr. Romantic 2”?

Catch the latest episode below!

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