“Scared of the wrath of fans?” Ji Suk Jin’s apology for hitting BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) and V’s response make ‘Running Man’ viewers laugh

Kim Taehyung, aka V of BTS, showcased his comedic timing on his new variety show appearance.

On December 3, Taehyung was a guest alongside actor Yoo Seung Ho on the popular SBS Korean variety show ‘Running Man,’ participating in a special ‘Tazza‘ episode featuring mock gambling using caramel candies.

Throughout the episode, Taehyung stood out by displaying his keen intuition, quick reflexes, and genius mind, enabling him to win most of the challenges while entertaining the audience with his humor.

The unexpected mishaps that occur as regular cast members and guests strive to complete various missions brought entertainment to the viewers.

One such mishap happened between Taehyung and comedian Ji Suk Jin, a senior in the entertainment industry. During a mission, Ji Suk Jin lightly slapped Taehyung and his group mates’ cheeks.

Minutes later, Ji Suk Jin said, “Um, can I ask something? Earlier, I gave V a playful slap on the cheek, but the fans will understand, right?”

In response, Taehyung cupped his cheek and pretended to be hurt, while the other cast members gathered around him, not giving Ji Suk Jin a chance. They teasingly mentioned, “That scene needs to be aired about three times.”

Ji Suk-jin, now feeling pressured, earnestly pleaded, “Taehyung-ah, please say from your own mouth that you’re fine,” causing more laughter. 

With Taehyung having over 60 million followers on Instagram globally, the unimaginable consequences that could arise if his fans felt he was disrespected resulted in the comical scenario.

On a trending post on theQoo discussing this scene, netizens commented: 

“V’s variety skills are seriously top-notch”

“Ji Suk-jin was really panicking lol”

“Even the fact that he didn’t say ‘it’s fine’ until the end is so funny”

“V really carried today. Seriously, he was the MVP”

“His beauty under natural light was so surprising”

“Our dad said a good-looking guy being funny is impressive”

“Even with the senior’s plea, they remained silent till the end lol”

“V’s poker face is genuinely hilarious”

“When he suddenly hugged his cheek, I was genuinely impressed. He’s quick-witted and knows how to spice up the broadcast.”

Part 2 of the special ‘Tazza’ episode with the same cast is scheduled for December 10.  Check out the highlights from Part 1 below. 

Author: from www.allkpop.com

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