Sandara Park Shares Reaction To Being Welcomed By So Many Fans In Myanmar

February 6, on the first episode of SBS FiL’s “My Music Teacher, Mingalabar,” Yoon Do Hyun, Sandara Park, B1A4’s Sandeul, and Kim Jae Hwan left for Myanmar.

“My Music Teacher, Mingalabar” is a variety program where K-pop stars become music teachers for children in Myanmar, where arts entertainment is underdeveloped.

Before leaving for Myanmar, Sandara Park said, “Five years ago, 2NE1 went to Myanmar to perform. It was amazing. At the time, so many people came to to the airport, we were surprised.”

She added, “I still can’t forget it. We went at a time when it was rare for K-pop stars to go [to Myanmar], and there were so many people. I always wondered when I would go back, so when I received the offer to do this show, I was so happy.”

When the cast finally arrived in Myanmar, fans at the airport began to chant Sandara Park’s name. Yoon Do Hyun, who was doing a live broadcast through social media, commented, “I just witnessed the popularity of K-pop.” Sandara Park said, “It makes me emotional seeing people cheer for me like this even though 2NE1 has disbanded. That all those people [from back then] have waited for us is so moving, and it makes me proud.”

“It’s hard to be cheered like that just anywhere, and something about it is fascinating. It’s like I’ve gone back to being an idol. It feels like I’ve gone back to being my old self.”

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