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DinDin posted photos of a pair of shoes he received from Sandara Park on his personal Instagram account. He posted a photo of him together with Sandara Park where they both look happy! DinDin even bowed down to the shoes showing just how much he wanted to cop this pair!

The shoes are a limited edition Air-Force 1 PARA-NOISE which G-Dragon collaborated in. The shoes are a product of a partnership between G-Dragon’s fashion brand PEACEMINUSONE and Nike.


DinDin expressed his gratitude for Sandara on the caption of his Instagram post. He has always been a big fan of G-Dragon so he feels immensely thankful towards Sandara for giving him such a gift!

Dara noona… suddenly asked for my shoe size as as a present, she gave me G-Dragon hyung’s shoes… She said I was the most worthy of wearing the shoes… This is crazy it’s crazy! Dara is an angel without wingsㅠㅠㅠ This was the most heart-touching surprise of the year! Not even my real sisters do this ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m sure Dara is an angel. I love you, noona. Sandara Park is the best. I can’t calm down.

Sandara sweetly replied to him saying, “I did what everyone in the country was hoping for!!!” Their friendship is truly something that should be treasured!

dara x dindin

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