“Running Man” Cast Warmly Wishes Jun So Min A Happy Birthday And Quick Recovery

Jun So Min got lots of love and good wishes from her fellow “Running Man” cast members!

The actress’s birthday is April 7, and “Running Man” members Kim Jong Kook, Ji Suk Jin, and HaHa took to Instagram that day to wish her the best. Jun So Min is currently taking a break from filming the show due to health concerns.

Kim Jong Kook posted a photo of himself with Yang Se Chan, Lee Kwang Soo, and Jun So Min.

He wrote in the caption in Korean, “So Min, happy birthday~ Get well soon and come back~!” He added in the hashtags, #Birthday, #DischargedFromHospital, #Congrats, #KwangSooToo, #GetWellSoon. He wrote in English, “Happy birthday #Somin!! Get well soon! #Hbd #Jeonsomin #Kwangsoo #AsWell.” Lee Kwang Soo is currently recovering from an ankle injury.

Ji Suk Jin shared a group photo of the cast and wrote, “Happy birthday, So Min, we’re all celebrating. And you have to come back to the set soon~~!!”

HaHa posted a picture of himself with Jun So Min and Yang Se Chan. He opened the caption by calling Jun So Min by her nickname “Jun Sobari” before writing “So Min~!! @jsomin86 Happy birthday~!! Get well soon so we can get back to betraying and working together!! Happy birthday~! Be healthy!! Your boyfriend’s handsome!!” He joked in the hashtags that Jun So Min and Yang Se Chan are interested in each other.

Watch “Running Man” below!

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