RIIZE Fans Furious After Several “Saesang” Fansites Stalk Anton All The Way To New York

Fans allege the fansites waited multiple days at the airport to get the pictures.

Several RIIZE fansites have been identified for stalking Anton, a member of the group, during what was supposed to be a private getaway to New York. The incident, which unfolded at John F. Kennedy International Airport, has laid bare the intrusive lengths to which some so-called fans will go, after they followed the star all the way to the United States.

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Anton, who had embarked on this journey for personal leisure, possibly to reconnect with family during a well-deserved break, found his movements closely monitored and documented by three prominent fansites. These accounts have come under intense scrutiny and criticism from the broader RIIZE fanbase for their actions, which starkly contrast with the norms of respectful fan behavior.

For the better or the worse, the RIIZE maknae definitely noticed the fans taking pictures of him. In multiple photos posted online by them, Anton is staring straight at the camera with what can only be described as an unhappy expression on his face.

anton stalked 2

anton stalked 1

anton stalked

This uproar is not without cause. The members of RIIZE — despite their relatively short time in the spotlight since their debut — have already faced their share of mob incidents at airports, contributing to a heightened sense of vulnerability and discomfort in such settings. For Anton, an airport no longer symbolizes the start of a relaxing holiday but a potential gauntlet of unwelcome attention and stress.

Fans across social media platforms have been vocal in their condemnation of these fansites, branding them as “saesang” — a term used within the K-Pop community to describe overly obsessive fans who engage in stalking or other invasive behaviors.

The consensus is clear: true fans respect the boundaries and personal space of their idols. Following Anton all the way to New York, especially during a period meant for relaxation and family time, has been criticized as not only absurd but downright disrespectful and creepy.

The backlash has also highlighted a growing concern within the fan community about the need for stricter norms and guidelines to prevent such incidents. Fans are calling for a collective effort to foster a culture of respect and support that allows idols like Anton to enjoy their off-stage lives without fear of intrusion.

As the situation unfolds, the RIIZE fandom stands united in their support for Anton and the other members, emphasizing the importance of respecting the idols’ privacy.

Source: www.koreaboo.com

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