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Ahead of their upcoming comeback in over a month on 15 January 2024 with their next mini-album, Fe3O4: Break, NMIXX has unveiled the pre-release single Soñar (Breaker) today. This follows on from their 2023 comebacks – Love Me Like This and Party O’Clock.

Soñar (Breaker) briefly revisits the MIXX-pop genre that NMIXX debuted with in 2022 to mixed reviews and opinions. For the most part, the song has this dramatic energy that feels like an appropriate extension to their Latin hip-hop chorus. And it is these dramatic parts of the song that I like the most. The rhythmic and powerful drumming just feels very clean and brings out an adventurous vibe. Everyone contributing to the vocals in the pre-chorus was also a memorable moment in Soñar (Breaker). The Latin hip-hop chorus was a bit lacking and sub-standard for me. The instrumentation wasn’t as engaging as in the first verse, the hooks did not feel as punchy as it was (though I can see it growing on me) and there wasn’t a melody. Following the first chorus, we get that touch of MIXX-pop with Soñar (Breaker) transitioning to a dreamy R&B sequence which features a UK garage background, however I am not sure why it was even there, before we switch back to that dramatic energy that I already mentioned I liked. As for the bridge, the first half showcases some great vocals from the group, which we know they are capable of. But I am not keen on the second half of the bridge (which is also what Soñar (Breaker) ends on), which felt cringy to me. Overall, Soñar (Breaker) a mixed bag of a song, most of which I am not a fan of.

I am sure there is more to the video than what meets the eye. I am just not entirely sure what that more is. The music video starts off aesthetic, but it loses that appeal quite quickly. I am not a big fan of the styling. The blue and pink outfits looked really nice, but the grey and hoodies outfits just looked dull and boring. I am sure they were intended to be an edgy look. But in combination with the white background or the quarry-like background, it just looked tired and uneventful. As for the rest of the video, it focused primarily on choreography, which I will touch on in the next section.

The choreography itself looks good. I actually think NMIXX is inserting a bit of a cutesy side to the choreography, which somehow works. Normally, I would not be a fan. But I find it to be a unique aspect of this routine. But just like you would expect when you hear Soñar (Breaker), the intensity and edginess is still present in the routine and I appreciate that NMIXX doesn’t let go of that.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 6.7/10

Author: kpopreviewed from kpopreviewed.com

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