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Starting the new week off is D.O, one of EXO’s main vocalists, with his solo comeback with Somebody. The new track is featured on his second solo mini-album, Expectations, which also dropped today. This is D.O first solo release since his solo debut with ROSE in 2021, which followed his military enlistment. More recently, D.O featured as part of EXO’s long awaited comeback with Cream Soda and also returned to acting and variety shows.

Somebody is an really pleasant folk pop song that really drew me in within my first listen of the song. For me, I found there to be two main drawing factors to the song. The first is D.O’s vocals, which just sounds so heavenly in the song. I really like how he used his lower notes and the slight rapping-like vocal delivery he pulls off in the verses. When it comes to the choruses, D.O steps his vocals up, adding some definition to his vocals and bring such a refreshing and vibrant tone. It really creates a strong centrepiece for Somebody and the melodies are very inviting and loveable. The “I Love You” that follows the chorus and the vocal work in the bridge felt very profound and resonated, basically for the same reasons mentioned above. The second drawing point to Somebody was the acoustic and minimalistic instrumentation. Asides from the guitar work, the only other major element to the backing of Somebody was the thumping beat in verses and this transitioned into some pleasant drumming in the choruses. Overall, Somebody is a strong effort from D.O.

The music video for Somebody features D.O playing a crew member behind the scenes of a TV commercial and actress Lee Jae In playing a newbie in the commercial industry who most likely landed her first commercial. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan for Lee Jae In, who is awkward in front of the camera and ends up being replaced with someone else. However, D.O takes notice in Lee Jae In from behind the camera. Soon after being replaced, Lee Jae In crying on the staircase and D.O stumbles into her. After offering her some ice-cream and coolly asks her to sign his back, he takes her out as a friend. But while on this outing, he is reminded of her audition, which makes him smile, and in this moment, he knows he likes her. Elsewhere in the video, we see D.O alone, waiting to meet that “somebody” that he expresses in the lyrics of the song. The smile at the end of the video suggests that he has. I am not into the whole romance thing when it comes to acting and drama. But this video kept the theme very light and refreshing, complementing that exact aspect of the song.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 9/10

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