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I am back from my break and I have a lot to get through. It was particularly busy whilst I was away, but I am hoping to make use of the current holidays to post some reviews before the industry ramps up again. And I kick off my coverage once again with the biggest release of 2024 thus far, IU’s Love Wins All, which has been chart topping since its release. This new single will form part of IU’s comeback next week with her 7th mini-album, The Winning. This is IU’s first comeback since 2021’s Celebrity, LILAC, strawberry moon and Winter Sleep. Though, she did participate in collaborations since then, such as with Jay Park for GANADARA and SUGA for People Pt. 2.

My thoughts on IU’s latest song is fairly simple – I really like the song. Love Wins All is a stunning ballad and has been since I first heard it a few weeks ago upon release. The energy in this ballad starts off quiet and soft. But as the song progresses, it builds upwards thanks to the instrumentation and IU’s vocals. Yet it does so in a manner that keeps Love Wins All very delicate from start to end. The building orchestral instrumentation actually adds in an epic vibe that is suitable for the context of a ballad, while IU’s vocals were so graceful from the moment Love Wins All begins to the moment it ends. Love Wins All is definitely a beautiful addition to the repertoire of ballads that IU has under her belt, and the chart topping performance the song has already delivered since its release proves once again why IU is a digital queen in KPOP.

The music video features V from BTS, who is currently enlisted in the Korean military, and IU herself. In this video, V and IU play a couple, who have been surviving in a post-apocalyptic world despite having disabilities. V’s character is blind, while IU’s character is deaf. In the video, whilst out-running the silver cube then ends up taking them at the end of the video, the pair discovers a camera that allows them to envision a different life together in which the apocalypse did not occur. In this alternative life, the pair spend their time together in love and also get married. They choose to follow that vision by dressing up in a wedding dress and tux in the post-apocalyptic world, before they are captured by the silver cube. Both don’t go down without a fight, but both end up perishing with one another in hand, making for a tragic end to a beautiful love story. Now, there is a bit of controversy around the difference in life where the characters are shown to have their disability vs. what they see in that camera. Personally, I actually can’t tell if those camera visions were a life without their disabilities. Sure, the pair looked better, but there was no clear clarification if that was a life without their disabilities. But I may have missed an explanation in another video somewhere, so I am happy to be corrected. But from how I see it, it was a great video that shows love between the pair did end up winning despite the sad ending for both characters.

Song – 10/10
Music Video – 10/10
Overall Rating – 10/10

Author: kpopreviewed from kpopreviewed.com

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