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In a recent interview and pictorial for Marie Claire magazine, Red Velvet’s Yeri talked about her current state of mind and her goals for the year ahead.

The idol, who flew all the way to London to pose for the magazine’s March issue, shared that she had recently begun making more of an effort to enjoy the little moments in life, even amidst Red Velvet’s hectic schedule.

“When you’re trying to keep up with a busy schedule, time often passes quickly, without your even realizing it,” she remarked. “So for this round of promotions, I tried hard to commit each and every moment to memory. I feel proud, because I feel like I’ve achieved a level of personal growth.”

Yeri also revealed her personal goals for 2020.

“In addition to my activities with Red Velvet,” she shared, “I want to keep writing songs and become a person who can confidently tell the stories I want to tell through music.”

“And most importantly,” she concluded, “I want to become a warm-hearted person.”

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