Red Velvet’s Yeri Opens Up About Her Idea Of Happiness + Her Goals For 2020

Red Velvet’s Yeri recently did a pictorial with fashion magazine High Cut, wherein she candidly opened up about her life.

In the pictorial, Yeri sports a very casual streetwear look, with pastel hairpieces braided into her hair. The theme of the pictorial is “the maknae on top,” with her posing in a cool, almost effortless way. In stark contrast to the images, Yeri confesses in the interview that life has been difficult for her recently. “It’s been increasingly difficult to be happy and bright, but I still plan to take responsibility and do my best at my work.”

Yeri continues, “When I’m tired, the fans are a huge comfort to me. So many people write me encouraging letters or messages on social media, and those messages really are quite touching. So I purposely seek them out [when I need strength].”

When asked about what has been her biggest change in the six years since her debut, Yeri replies, “I’ve become someone who knows myself better, so now I’m the type to deeply think and worry about that. But other than that, I still dislike the same things, just like I still enjoy the same things. My personality is exactly the same. So that’s a good thing. But I’d like to be just myself, not someone who tries too hard, or someone who doesn’t try hard enough.”

Yeri then goes on to speak on her goals for the new year. “In 2020, I hope that I can take better care of myself and those around me. I’d also like to sing more of my own story.” She adds, “No matter the size of it, I find myself thinking more and more that happiness is right in front of me. I’ll strive to find my happiness in the small, everyday things moving forward.”

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