Red Velvet Joy Claps Back at Comments Telling Her To Lose Weight ‘To Look Prettier’

In a broadcast, Red Velvet Joy addressed criticism over her body, silencing netizens who ask her to lose weight “to look prettier.”

On February 11, the recent episode of SBS’s “Animal Farm” was aired starring MC Joy, a member of the SM’s girl group, Red Velvet.

As Korea celebrates Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year), the MCs discussed the fun of the holiday and its disadvantages.

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(Photo : Joy Instagram)
Red Velvet Joy

On this day, MC Shin Dong Yup opened the topic by saying:

“It’s fun to meet relatives for the Lunar New Year after a long time, but I’m worried about spending money. It’s true that setting the table, gifts, and New Year’s money (Sebaet Don) is a burden, especially when the economy is not doing well these days.”

Tony An agreed, and added:

“In particular, New Year’s money (pocket money) is no joke. When I was young, I used to receive 1,000 won bills (about $0.75), but these days, 10,000 won ($7.50) seems less, and 50,000 won ($37.50) is burdensome. After giving it to a few nephews and niece, my wallet becomes empty.”

Red Velvet Joy

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Aside from the money problems, Red Velvet Joy then opened up about the annoying nagging from relatives during reunions on holidays.

She said:

“The thing I fear as much as New Year’s money during the holidays is nagging. When I met relatives for the first time in a while, I received a lot of questions. But when I talk about what I’ve been up to recently, it often leads to nagging.”

Red Velvet Joy Draws Attention for Weight Gain + Luvies Defend Idol
(Photo : pann.nate)

She mentioned the specific nag she didn’t want to hear and Joy somehow clapped back to them, answering:

“I think many people will relate to this. I heard things like I am also pretty now, but I will look prettier if I lose weight.

Please, I’ll lose weight on my own.”

Red Velvet Joy Earns Admiration for Talking About Bodyshaming

When this certain part of the show was shared online, a lot of K-pop fans and netizens showed admiration for the idol, supporting her for talking about weight.

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(Photo : Red Velvet Joy (topstarnews))

In the past, Red Velvet Joy has been a subject of body-shaming from her debut until recently, and this response from her feels like a slap to haters who often mention her weight loss and gain.

Some of the comments lauded Joy and said:

  • “We love you, queen!”
  • “Periodt.”
  • “As she should! I don’t understand why they are telling her to lose weight when she’s already this thin.”
  • “I will never be able to understand the idol body weight standard. They make you feel like the normal weight is already fat.”

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Written by Eunice Dawson.

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