All the 6 girl groups competing on Queendom have released their final songs!

On October 25, all the contesting artists released their final songs for the show on music streaming sites.

1. AOA- “Sorry”

The track is an urban pop song, which tells the story of two people whose love has changed because they fall into a routine; it wears them out and makes them want to end things. This is AOA‘s first release as a 5-member group.


2. Lovelyz- “Moonlight”

The song details the ironic situation of wanting to leave a loved one but being unable to; it likens the emotions to dancing under the moonlight and blends with Lovelyz‘s smooth and lyrical voices to create an entrancing song.

3. Park Bom- “Can’t Turn Back, Can’t Go Back, Nowhere To Go Back”

A chill step track that brings to life the emotional regret, longing and other mixed emotions a person can have; not just during a break up, but also in the ensuing confusion about the path they’ve been walking down on.

4. Oh My Girl- “Guerrilla”

The lyrics contain the message of wanting to move forward into a bigger, better world to and make their dreams a reality. The track encompasses sounds such as opera and a psytrance bass to create a most memorable song.


5. (G)I-DLE- “Lion”

The song compares being a queen to a regal and powerful lion, elaborating upon the fight, persistence and scars of a lion that fights to defend its throne. It further highlights a cool, but beautiful strength.

Leader Soyeon composed, wrote and produced this particular track.

6. MAMAMOO- “Destiny”

This song tells the story of two people who part with the promiser to meet again. No matter how much time passes and no matter the distances traversed, they will cross the universe many times in order to meet again.

These tracks will be performed on the October 31 episode of Queendom, and will be their final performances for the show.

Are you excited to see these performances?

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