PSY Teases Hyuna's Comeback On Instagram And Assures That She'll Get Exactly What She Deserves

Hyuna‘s close to officially announcing her comeback!

While she’s teased the comeback before, this Instagram post is more of a confirmation than ever!

On October 11, PSY uploaded a small snippet of what looks like choreography being shot for an MV, tagging Hyuna in the caption and adding the hashtag #spoiler. The video has Hyuna looking gorgeous in the middle, with back-up dancers dancing around her.

Hyuna commented with emojis, further cementing rumors that her comeback is right around the corner!



Under the video, a fan commented how happy they were that she’s finally getting what she deserves, to which PSY responded:



PSY and Hyuna go waaay back, of course he has her best interests at heart! Are you excited for Hyuna’s comeback?


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