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President Moon Jae In recently attended a New Year’s meeting in Seoul, Korea where he spoke up about how much foreign leaders love K-Pop and K-Dramas.

I’ll make sure to give my full support so that Korea can become a country everyone can be proud of.

– President Moon Jae In


He started off by congratulating Bong Joon Ho for his Golden Globes for his 2019 film, Parasite.

Director Bong Joon Ho’s “Parasite” won the Best Foreign Film award, which is Korea’s very first Golden Globe Award in history. This was a splendid achievement which showed off the potential of Korean films after 100 years.

– President Moon Jae In

방탄소년단에 시계 선물하는 문재인 대통령

President Moon Jae In then proceeded to describe just how much foreign leaders love K-Pop and K-Dramas.

The prime minister of Thailand said his hobby is to watch Korean dramas whenever he gets home from work. He said he’s even watching old ones because he watches them every day. His favorite so far is “Descendents of the Sun”.

– President Moon Jae In

방탄소년단과 악수하는 문재인 대통령

The prime minister of Vietnam said that his citizens love Korean dramas so much that the streets grow quiet when a Korean drama is airing.

– President Moon Jae In


He also mentioned just how much the Saudi Crown Prince wanted to see BTS in person

The Saudi Crown Prince begged me to bring BTS with me whenever I visited his country, but my visit was running late, so BTS just ended up holding an independent concert there last year. Considering how exclusive their country is, that just goes to show how welcome K-Pop is all over the world.

– President Moon Jae In

방탄소년단 만난 문재인 대통령

President Moon Jae In concluded by thanking the Koreans of the art and culture industries for giving him pride when meeting with foreign leaders.

Our art and culture is making Korea stand out as a country to be proud of. As a result, when I go abroad or meet foreign leaders, I feel proud myself.

– President Moon Jae In

방탄소년단 격려하는 문재인 대통령

President Moon Jae In expressed his desire for the Korean citizens to feel proud of their country’s accomplishments as they work to make the country greater.

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