Popular 4th Generation Idol Surprises Fans With… Farming Instagram Account?

The account already has over 12,000 followers!

When you think of K-Pop idols, you imagine amazing performances, trendy fashion, and Instagram feeds filled with gorgeous shots. But Jeon Soyeon from (G)I-DLE is flipping the script in the most unexpected way. She’s gone from stage lights to sunlight on her new Instagram account, “Soyeon’s Warm Farm.”

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Yes, you heard that right. Our favorite idol has taken a dive into the world of farming, or at least, she’s having a blast trying to.

| @tiny.pretty.j/Instagram 

With her main account, @tiny.pretty.j, racking up over 5 million followers for its behind-the-scenes peeks and polished selfies, Soyeon’s new venture is a breath of fresh, farm air. It kicked off with a bang, or should we say, a boil?

Her first post was a how-to on boiling eggs. Not the content we expected from a K-Pop star, but it’s definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Soyeon didn’t just stop at boiling eggs. She followed up with a proud post of more eggs, proudly claiming they came straight from her aunt’s farm. It’s a sweet nod to family ties and a simpler life, quite the contrast from her usual idol activities. But what really got fans talking was her latest post: a video of Soyeon goofing around, enjoying some downtime. It’s this glimpse into her off-stage persona that has everyone hooked.

Her stories add even more flavor to the mix, with updates on what she’s munching on and the shows she’s watching. Fans are loving this casual, laid-back side of Soyeon, where she’s just being herself, away from the spotlight.

While “Soyeon’s Warm Farm” is still a baby in the Instagram world with its 12,000 followers, it’s a refreshing side project that showcases a different facet of the idol we all adore. From boiling eggs to farm visits, who knew we needed this content from a K-pop star? It’s clear Soyeon is enjoying the ride, and so are her fans.

What will she post next? More farming tips, or perhaps a glimpse into her daily life? Either way, we’re all ears…

Source: www.koreaboo.com

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