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Park Sung Woong is taking his “villain face” to a whole new level in OCN’s “Rugal!”

“Rugal” is an upcoming sci-fi action drama about a special organization named Rugal, which turns humans into weapons using biotechnology, and their fight against the terror organization known as Argos. Choi Jin Hyuk stars as Kang Ki Bum, a police detective who loses his wife and both his eyes and is given a pair of bionic eyes by Rugal so that he can pursue revenge. Park Sung Woong co-stars as Hwang Deuk Goo, the ultimate villain behind Argos.

In new stills released by OCN, Park Sung Woong shows that his character is absolutely ruthless even when it comes to people in his own crime syndicate. The stills show a wedding between Go Yong Duk (Park Jung Hak), the mafia boss of Argos, and Choi Ye Won (Han Ji Wan). Everything is peaceful until Hwang Deuk Goo approaches Go Yong Duk and makes the latter’s face darken.

In the next moment, Hwang Deuk Goo has a gun pointed to his head. However, he doesn’t look fazed by this sudden turn of events, and in the next photo, he is putting a gun into a terrified Choi Ye Won’s hand.

At the press conference for the drama, Park Sung Woong said that his goal was creating a villain who was different from villains seen on TV in the past. “He’s a character that you don’t ever want to be in the same room with,” he said.

“Rugal” premieres on March 28 at 10:50 p.m. KST.

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