Park Shi Hoo, Go Sung Hee, Sung Hyuk, And Jun Kwang Ryul Confirmed For Unique Drama About Psychics And Kingmakers

The cast for “Wind, Cloud, and Rain” (literal title) has been confirmed!

On February 13, TV Chosun announced, “The casting for actors Park Shi Hoo, Go Sung Hee, Jun Kwang Ryul, and Sung Hyuk has been confirmed.”

“Wind, Cloud, and Rain” is about the struggle for the throne between kingmakers with psychic abilities and explores the world of psychometrics, which still remains an area of mystery in the science-driven 21st century.

In the drama, Park Shi Hoo will portray Choi Chun Joong, Joseon Dynasty’s greatest fortune teller and physiognomist. Choi Chun Joong is an extraordinary man who was born in a wealthy family and then exiled as a psychic. He later rises to the most powerful position in the Joseon Dynasty. As the greatest hero of his time, he tries to change Joseon’s future with his psychic abilities and sacrifices his life for the woman he loves.

Go Sung Hee will appear as Lee Bong Ryun, a woman with unparalleled beauty and mysterious spiritual abilities. Her ability to read other people’s futures was a blessing at first, but becomes her downfall when used to further human greed. She gets used by others in evil ways, but will eventually become a kingmaker alongside Choi Chun Joong.

Jun Kwang Ryul will transform into Lee Ha Eung, a regent and royal family member of the Joseon Dynasty. After living life as a countryman while hiding his ambitions for power, he recognizes Choi Chun Joong’s skills and works with him to make his son into a king.

Sung Hyuk will portray Chae In Kyu, a friend and foe of Choi Chun Joong. He’s a friend of Choi Chun Joong but always pursues his friend’s position and the woman his friend loves.

“Wind, Cloud, and Rain” will be a collaboration between director Yoon Sang Ho of “Different Dreams,” “Saimdang, Light’s Diary,” and “Bride of the Century,” and writer Bang Ji Young of “Diary of a Night Watchman.” The drama is scheduled to air in May.

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