Park Bom Stopped In The Middle Of The Street Just To Jam Out To 2NE1's

First Park Bom took Blackjacks down memory lane when she paid tribute to her former girl group during her final performance on Queendom, and now she’s bringing even more 2NE1 sweetness into our lives with an adorable mini-dance break in the middle of the street!

Bom recently surprised fans with an adorable video featuring her dance session. The clip starts off with Bom stopping in the middle of the street outside a store blasting “Fire” from their speakers. After checking to make sure that no one inside can see her, Bom breaks out into dance…

Before making a quick getaway after bursting into laughter!


This short yet sweet clip has been receiving a whole lot of love from fans…

And why wouldn’t it? Bom definitely came for all our Blackjack hearts with this one! What a cutie!

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