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Song Haye is a singer who debuted in 2013 after taking part in audition programs such as Made in U and K-POP Star Season 2. After taking part in K-POP Star Season 2, she released two digital singles with other singers who took part in the show and made her official debut through Hello Music Entertainment.

Her works include, Your Regards (single, 2019), Soondae (single, 2016), Promise Me feat. Skull (single, 2015), Ice Summer (single, 2015), My First (single, 2013), Women are Like That (single, 2013), You Made Me Love You (single, 2013).

She’s also widely known as the Queen of OSTs and the OSTs that she has contributed include the following:

  •  Say Goodbye – Hotel Del Luna OST (2019)
  •  Meant To Be (Woman Ver.) – My Only One OST (2019)
  •  It’s Too Late – My Only One OST (2019)
  •  Unfilled Empty Seat – A Pledge to God OST (2018)
  •  The Love That Makes Me Live – Lady Cha Dal Rae’s Lover OST (2018)
  •  Stay With Me – Death Song OST (2018)
  •  Reveal Yourself (superstar) – Lady Cha Dal Rae’s Lover OST (2018)
  •  Gap – Love to the End OST (2018)
  •  Cool Love (I Love You!!) with Lee Do Hoon (이도훈) – Sunny Again Tomorrow OST (2018)
  •  My Spring – Rich Man OST (2018)
  •  You To Me, Me To You – Sunny Again Tomorrow OST (2018)
  •  A Poem For Poetry – A Poem a Day OST (2018)
  •  Late Regret – Mysterious Personal Shopper OST (2018)
  •  Jump Hard – Love Is Drop by Drop OST (2017)
  •  Your Love – Blow Breeze OST (2016)
  •  Someday – Rude Miss Young-Ae: Season 15 OST (2016)
  •  So Sweet – Here Comes Love OST (2016)
  •  Because I Love You – Start Again OST (2016)
  •  If You Come To Me Tomorrow – Good Person (2016) OST (2016)
  •  Seeing Often By Chance – Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi OST (2016)
  •  A Star – Glamorous Temptation OST (2016)
  •  If You Come Into My Heart – Witch’s Castle OST (2016)
  •  Only You – My Home’s Honey Jar OST (2015)
  •  Tears Like A Star – The Mother and Daughter-in-Law OST (2015)
  •  I’ll Make You Smile Once a Day – A Daughter Just Like You OST (2015)
  •  My Heart is By Your Side – The Bird That Doesn’t Cry OST (2015)
  •  Be Alright – Blood OST (2015)
  •  I Didn’t Know of the Pain – Abiding Love Dandelion OST (2014)
  •  Jealousy – Best Wedding OST (2014)
  •  You Give Me Happiness – Cheongdamdong Scandal OST (2014)

On the 17th of October, 2020, her agency Plus Media announced that Song Ha-ye will release the 1st mini album “To Be Happy.” The title song is called, “I’m Happy,” and it is a ballad song that contains the message “if there is someone who embraces me as I am, that is happiness.”

Also, “Night of the day,” “Looking for the back,” and “Become a comparison” are also included in the album. The agency revealed, “Song Ha Ye will take on various genres that have not been shown through this album.”

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