Ong Seungwoo Confirmed To Release First Solo Album Soon

Ong Seongwoo is finally releasing a solo album!

Following reports of his first solo album that emerged on February 14, Fantagio has stepped up to confirm that Ong Seungwoo will indeed be releasing a new album.

There are currently plans for him to release an album in the first half of 2020, but we are still in discussions regarding the official date.

—Fantagio representative

Ong Seungwoo released the single “We Belong” in January 2020 as a fan song, and therefore didn’t have any music show promotions. He only performed the song during his solo fanmeet tour titled We Belong.

As he did not have any promotions for the song, fans are excited to hear more music from him, and are anticipating the possibility of seeing him perform on music shows again

After his activities as a Wanna One member came to an end in 2019, Ong Seungwoo appeared on the drama At Eighteen, and was praised well for his emotive acting. He is currently slated to appear on the second season of the variety show Traveller, which will premiere on February 15. He has also confirmed that he will be appearing on another variety show, The Manager.

Are you excited about Ong Seungwoo coming out with new music soon?

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