Once for Twice game review

What is love? If your answer is Twice, so you’re an Once. Yes, or YES?

There’s a game would perfectly fit your FANCY. It called Once: game for Twice. Yep, a straight name :))

Once for Twice game iOS Android review

This app is not just a game… exactly it should called a collection of games – and many of them are great. If you want to download it (totally FREE), here are links:

FOR IPHONE/IPAD: https://apps.apple.com/app/once-game-for-twice/id1394504402

FOR ANDROID PHONE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninhkidd.oncetwice

In the CASUAL zone you’ll find mini game in vary types like action, reaction, quick tap, memory… most of them are addict, easy to play but hard to master.

Once for Twice games in casual zone
Once for Twice games in casual zone

My favorite one is the GOODIES zone. With latest visual and music products from Twice, I really enjoy it.

First is this game. It’s very simple, but drive me into mess when I try to made it faster and faster

Once for Twice game name check game
the Name Check game

And these song / music games are really jewels! All I expected is just a Guess the name of song game, but boom… what are they? I have never heard about those kind of song / music game; when the song play REVERSE, or even 3 songs play AT THE SAME TIME.

Once for Twice game Song Guess and Song Rever game
Song Guess and Song Rever game
Once for Twice game Song Wheel and Music Cocktail game
Song Wheel and Music Cocktail game

And if you don’t like type of game with time rush, you can try games in PUZZLE zone. It’s chill and relaxable

Once for Twice game Eyes, Nose, Lips game
Eyes, Nose, Lips game
Once for Twice game Song Quest game
Song Quest game

And another plus point for this game: Daily Missions. Everyday you’ll have 3 missions. Complete them, you’ll receive rewards are Twice wallpapers. All the wallpapers are awesome. I use one of them as my lock screen photo right now.

Once for Twice game daily missions reward
Daily missions reward
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