Oh Seung Yun To Be Removed From “Love Me Actually” And “Melo Is My Nature” Due To Recent Controversy

MBC’s “Love Me Actually” and JTBC’s “Melo is My Nature” have introduced their selections on Oh Seung Yun.

On July 11, it used to be reported that Oh Seung Yun used to be booked for helping and abetting inebriated using, which his company launched a commentary about. He had attempted to prevent “A,” the lady he used to be with, from using inebriated however used to be not able to.

Since then, the 2 methods have introduced that they are going to be making adjustments relating to Oh Seung Yun. “Love Me Actually” launched their commentary which reads as follows:

The “Love Me Actually” crew used to be stunned to listen to of actor Oh Seung Yun’s information, and we’re very greatly surprised. We briefly spoke together with his company to grasp the placement and had an interior dialogue sooner than freeing this commentary.

We remember that audience would possibly really feel uncomfortable seeing Oh Seung Yun showing on our display, and from this week’s episode, will edit him out up to imaginable with out disrupting the go with the flow of the tale that comes to his interplay with different individuals.

As filming came about sooner than the incident, utterly modifying him out may purpose nice damages to the opposite individuals and this system as a complete, so some scenes together with his symbol could also be broadcasted and we ask on your deep figuring out.

Individual cuts with Oh Seung Yun shall be got rid of from this system and we can do our absolute best to ensure our audience don’t really feel any discomfort.

JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama has additionally launched a commentary because the actor used to be anticipated to make an ordinary look.

They mentioned, “The staff has decided to change out Oh Seung Yun with another actor as he was recently booked for aiding and abetting drunk driving.” They added, “As we will be reshooting all scenes from episodes 1 to 14 that Oh Seung Yun filmed and will undergo some reorganization as a result, our premiere date has been delayed to August 9 at 10:50 p.m. KST. We apologize for bringing out drama to viewers at a later date than intended.”

The drama used to be at the start scheduled to premiere on July 26, that means that it is going to now be not on time via two weeks because the drama unearths a substitute for the actor.

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