Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Talks About Her Friendship With Red Velvet’s Seulgi

During a recent V Live broadcast, Oh My Girl’s Hyojung talked about her close friendship with Red Velvet’s Seulgi!

A viewer asked how she came to know the Red Velvet member, and she said, “She was a friend of a friend. We got along really well, so we met up a lot and got really close.”

She added, “She’s a friend that I care for very much. Among the people I know, she’s the most gentle and kind, she works hard, and she’s thoughtful. She’s just a really great person. She says the same about me, but in my opinion, she’s so much more innocent and kind.”

Hyojung talked about a time when she, Seulgi, and another friend were just hanging out and taking photos, and Seulgi exclaimed that she was so happy.

“Seeing her so elated at just the three of us hanging out, it was so cute. She’s so cute. But then on stage she’s so cool. She’s the best.”

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