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This may come as a surprise to non-Miracles, but OH MY GIRL‘s Bini hails from a very athletic family, despite her small build. Her dad was a wrestler while her mother was a track and field athlete. Even her brother hails from a background as a judo athlete, while Bini chose to go down the path of being an idol.

On an episode of I Am An Idol Too, Bini was tasked to make a call to her family member, and she went with her older brother.

As she made the call, her brother asked her right off the bat, “what’s up.”

In line with the mission given to her, which was to say “I love you” to her family member, Bini started off by telling her brother she missed him.

He refused to believe her though, as he refuted her claim saying she has never called before in her life, just because she misses him. Not one to be deterred, Bini pressed on and did the challenge, confessing her love for her brother.

Her brother must have some variety show sense in him, for he told her to spit out what she wants to hear instead of beating around the bush.

Bini then told her brother to say whatever he wanted to say to her, to which he replied in true older sibling fashion, claiming he has nothing to say to her.

Bini’s reaction was priceless! It seems like even if your sister is a famous celebrity, it is likely you would simply treat them like how you would a regular sibling! Catch the full “real-siblings moment” here in full!

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