NU’EST’s Aron Shares His Dog’s Adoption Story And JR Explains His Reasons For Not Having Pets Right Now – KpopHit

NU’EST’s JR and Aron appeared on the August 3 episode of KBS variety show “Dogs are Incredible,” where Aron showed off his adopted dog Kkotsooni and the pair became dog trainers for the day.

“Dogs are Incredible” is a show that invites celebrities as guests to introduce their own dogs to the public, and have the opportunity to work with dog trainer Kang Hyung Wook to help dogs that are in need of help.

Aron brought along Kkotsooni, a six-year-old Shiba Inu mix living with his other Shiba Inu Noah. He revealed that Kkotsooni had lived in a parking lot since she was a puppy as he said, “The building owner was raising Kkotsooni’s parents. They abandoned her in the parking lot because they said she was shedding too much.” He said that he made the decision to adopt her in late 2018 after seeing an adoption notice and a video of her.

Along with requests from fans, Aron himself had expressed a desire to appear on the show, and when asked why, he said, “I wanted to ask if she naturally has a calm personality or if she’s feeling scared. I’m worried because her tail is always curled down.” Kang Hyung Wook made him feel at ease and said, “From what I can see, she’s a bit timid but it’s not anything that could be classified as a problem. Just like how people have different personalities, she just seems like a very timid dog.”

JR was asked if he has any pets, and he replied that he doesn’t and explained, “Taking care of a dog is hard. It’s not easy to create a great environment for them, and I believe you must be very serious when it comes to adoptions, so I don’t have any plans as of now. But if I did adopt a dog in the future, I would want a Chihuahua.” Kang Hyung Wook praised his attitude and said, “People who are more serious and caring about having a pet are usually the ones who take their time coming to a decision on whether to adopt.”

Following the episode, Aron said, “It’s an honor to have been able to appear on a show that I’ve always enjoyed watching. Through our appearance, I feel like I was able to learn how to better get along with dogs and understand their actions. Using what I’ve learned, I will take even better care of Kkotsooni and Noah.”

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