North Korean Subway Video Goes Viral

The vibe is uncanny.

A video from Instagrammer and traveler @homeless.backpacker is quickly going viral. The video showcases footage from a subway in Pyeongyang, North Korea.

| @homeless.backpacker/Instagram

He described the overall vibe of the train to be unlike anything else he had ever experienced.

| @homeless.backpacker/Instagram

Netizens noted how the small details create an eerie vibe, such as the door slamming shut and the darkness of the train.

| @homeless.backpacker/Instagram

He also notes how it feels as if he went back in time. The lack of phones, β€œretro” sounding music, and fashion all contribute to creating a vibe that feels as if its an old video.

| @homeless.backpacker/Instagram

Check out the full video below.


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