“Nevertheless” Yang Hye Ji Denies Dating Rumors With LOL Pro Gamer Deft – KpopHit

Rising actress, Yang Hye Ji, who recently starred in Nevertheless alongside Song Kang and Han So Hee, has denied rumors of dating with South Korean pro gamer, Deft.

According to her agency, Awesome ENT, after checking with Yang Hye Ji herself, she and Deft were merely close friends due to them being from the same middle school. They play online games together sometimes and Yang Hye Ji has conveyed that he is merely a player she is supporting.

Previously, various online communities began suspecting their relationship as they apparently posted similar clothing and photographs on social media.

Yang Hye Ji made her debut in web drama, The Omniscient Point of View Of An Unrequited Love 2 while Deft is currently a national player on Hanhwa for League of Legends.

Source: www.koreaboo.com

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