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While we’ve already welcomed August, many spotted that there’s handiest lower than four months until the top of 2019.

With that being stated, many Okay-Pop enthusiasts started to discuss the quantity of rookie Okay-Pop teams that experience debuted in simply this 12 months. Since there are lots of remarkable teams, additionally they shared that the combat for the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award in more than a few award ceremonies goes to be a tricky one.

Do consider that in most cases ‘Rookie of the Year’ award is split into male and female classes!

Netizens then proportion their ideas at the conceivable nominees for the celebrated award which handiest comes as soon as after their debut.


#1 Cherry Bullet

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Cherry Bullet Official Twitter



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ITZY Official Twitter



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EVERGLOW Official Twitter


#3 Jeon SoMi

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#four TXT

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TXT Official Twitter


#five AB6IX

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AB6IX Official Twitter


#6 CIX

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#7 Kang Daniel

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KONNECT Entertainment


#eight X1

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X1 Official Twitter

Which group do you suppose will win the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award?


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