Netizens react to RIIZE’s Sohee imitating a pig character during video call upon fan’s request

Netizens are reacting to Sohee satisfying a fan’s request on a video call.

On an online forum, a GIF capturing RIIZE member Sohee during a video call with a fan has sparked a wave of reactions. In the GIF, the fan appears to request Sohee to imitate an animated scene featuring a pig character devouring ice cream.

In the GIF, Sohee is seen looking dumbfounded at first and briefly hesitating before fulfilling the fan’s apparent request.

The original poster remarked, “WT* lol It’s so funny how the fan even asked him to do this lol T_T”.

In the comments section, netizens shared their opinions on the matter, with many applauding Sohee for carrying it out despite the strange nature of the request while managing to be funny and positive.

Netizens responded:

“Omg he is so kind, if I were him, I probably would have frowned automatically after seeing it lol”
“This guy really seems to have an innocent pair of eyes the more I see him…when it’s okay to be a bit selectively polite and pretend not to understand sometimes during fansigns with things like that”
“LOL I just found it so funny that his face is like, ‘What did I just see..?'”
“He’s so nice for fulfilling the fan’s request with a smile”
“I never know why Sohee gets so much hate, he seems so nice”
“Lol at this point I think the fan did it on purpose haha I just find it funny”
“Omg his facial expression is so cute”

“I am dead after seeing his blank facial expression in the beginning…”

“Lol he is doing this just for the fan”

What are your thoughts?

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