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The difference is fascinating.

There is a popular saying that “the camera adds 10 pounds,” implying that people tend to look heavier on camera than they are in real life. But does this rule still apply to K-Pop idols? Korean netizens were shocked to discover that it, in fact, does, and very visibly so.

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K-Pop is infamous for its demanding and strict beauty standards. Regardless of gender, idols are expected to “manage” their weight and appearance, which they often achieve through extreme diets and exercise. But even when they are staying on top of all that, it doesn’t make them immune from criticism, especially on their looks.

Over the years, journalist photos have become a litmus test for idols’ visuals. The idea is that if they can “survive” the gaze of the camera, which picks up more imperfections than a phone, without staged lighting, their visuals are truly next-level.

NMIXX’s’ Sullyoon in an unedited journalist photo | Dispatch
IVE’s Wonyoung in unedited press photo | OSEN

But recently, a post went viral on a popular online forum after comparing Aespa’s journalist photos with their real-life visuals caught on a phone camera. Both pictures were from 2022 when the four members of the group attended the Acqua di Parma Magnolia Days Pop-up Open Event.

(From left to right) Winter, Karina, NingNing, and Giselle of Aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and NingNing showed up at the event in all-black outfits, each serving a different vibe. Both the media and fans were present at the venue, which meant the group was clicked on camera and mobile phones equally.


The OP (original poster) of the viral community post pointed out how, in the mobile-quality pictures, it was evident that all four members had a pretty small frame. But the selected journalist photos didn’t appear quite the same. The OP mentioned in the caption that seeing this difference, they understood why idols stick to strict diets.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Netizens were fascinated to see how the photos from the same event on the same day and even at the same spot could look so different based on the device. Many commented on getting a reality check of the idol profession with this side-by-side comparison.

| Instiz
  • “Wow, they really look puffy in the photos, but they are super skinny in real life.”
  • “Is the first photo taken with a phone? They’re so skinny, but on camera photos, they look puffy.”
  • “But it seems like the journalist photo came out even worse because it was taken from a low angle.”
  • “To be honest, they look skinny even in the journalist photos TT.”
  • “I already thought they looked skinny in the journalist photos, but the phone camera one…Wow..”
| Instiz
  • “I truly get a reality check every time a celebrity is criticized because of journalist photos.”
  • “Wow, it’s truly fascinating.”
  • “Whoa, they’re really skinny.”
  • “If they look like that in pictures, they must be really skinny in real life…This is an extreme job.”
  • “Since it’s a job where you have to be on camera a lot, they need to lose weight to the extreme limits in order to avoid looking puffy.”



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