NCTzen: NCT OT23 game – Kpop game

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Yes. I’m talking about sub units of NCT. And I’m excited to tell you there’s a game about NCT OT23.

It’s name is NCTzen: NCT OT23 – a FREE collection of games about NCT.

Link for iPhone/iPad:

Link for Android:

It’s a collection of 15 mini games in 1 (until now). Let’s take a look at my favorite features:

2 players

NCT OT21 game: 2 players

Too many virtual connections these days, right? When was the last time you played a game with your friend on a phone? So why don’t you try this… Face to face to face in a game about the mutual passion of two friends

Daily reward

NCTzen NCT OT21 gallery

Daily mission – everyday you’ll have 3 missions. Complete them, you’ll get reward – beautiful photos about NCT you can use or unlock screen or wallpaper

Eyes, Nose, Lips

NCTzen NCT OT21 Eyes, Nose, Lips

Nope, Taeyang will not show up here. Eyes, Nose, Lips is a game to test your observation ability. You’ll only see a nose, lips, or eyes – then you have to guess who’s that

ART and CASUAL games

With latest music and visual productions, these games should full satisfy you passion

NCTzen NCT OT21 Art games
NCTzen NCT OT21 casual games

🏵💮🌼 Kpop Hit – share the Kpop vibes 🌼💮🏵


(ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥ Best free #BLACKPINK game for #BLINK 📳 📳 📳

📱 For Android:

📱 For iPhone / iPAD:


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