NCT’s Haechan Snaps A Photo With His Little Sister On Instagram – KpopHit

Many NCT members prefer to keep their family members away from the spotlight. But Haechan treated fans to a rare moment by posting a photo of himself and his younger sister.


In the idol’s latest Instagram update, he shared a few boyfriend photos that NCTzens quickly went crazy over, gaining over a million likes in a matter of hours.

| @haechanahceah/Instagram

Since some fans wondered who took Haechan’s photos, he didn’t leave them to wonder. Haechan revealed in the caption that his younger sister took them.

| @haechanahceah/Instagram

Haechan even uploaded a photo of him and his sister snapping a picture together with their phones.

Haechan and his younger sister. | @haechanahceah/Instagram

Fans appreciated seeing the siblings together and thanked Haechan’s sister for taking such good photos of him.

| @haechanahceah/Instagram


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