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NCT 127‘s Doyoung and NCT Dream‘s Renjun met up when finding out they both were attending the concert of their senior BoA.

That must’ve been where Doyoung got the idea for taking over NCT Dream’s Twitter account.

nct 127 doyoung nct dream renjun

NCTzens found a post from the account that wasn’t written by any of the members and didn’t physically have them in it.

nct 127 doyoung nct dream renjun

It was instead Doyoung holding a poster of Renjun. He’d wanted to be the first to infiltrate the account as a non-member and used Renjun in the funniest way to do it. He even wished NCT Dream well for their upcoming concerts.

I’m the first non-Dream member to upload a photo to the Dream account.

Fans had suspected that Doyoung became Renjun’s fan after connecting with him for the concert. With Doyoung’s unexpected takeover of their Twitter, it doesn’t seem too far off.

Since Renjun may have been the one to give Doyoung access in the first place, he’s most likely laughing along with everyone else.

nct dream renjun

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