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Actress Moon Ga Young will continue her work at KeyEast!

On May 3, Lee Yeon Woo, the head of KeyEast’s management division, confirmed, “We have renewed our exclusive contract with Moon Ga Young on the basis of the deepened faith and trust we have been building with each other since our first meeting in 2018.”

The statement continued, “We are in active discussions about what future directions we will take together. We share our gratitude toward Moon Ga Young, who has always shown special faith in and affection for us. We will not stint in our support so that we can create positive synergy together and become the best partners.”

Moon Ga Young made her debut in 2006 as a child actor and has appeared in several dramas and films across multiple genres in her career. In the past few years, she has taken on lead roles in dramas like “Tempted,” “Welcome to Waikiki S2,” “Find Me in Your Memory,” and most recently “True Beauty.”

Check out “True Beauty” below!

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