MONSTA X’s Joohoney Shares Emotional Letter To Fans About His Mental Health

On January 27, MONSTA X’s Joohoney took to MONSTA X’s official fan café to open up about the state of his mental health.

He wrote:

Hello Monbebes, this is Joohoney, who loves Monbebes. To be honest, I thought and worried for a long time about whether to write anything at all… Right now, my mental state is very weak and I’m having a hard time. I am taking medicine and trying to make space to break through, I put my hands together and prayed in my room with the lights off and cried, and I want to come back, but I am working hard because I want to return with an even better image for Monbebes, as a cooler Joohoney. I congratulated Hyungwon and our maknae Changkyun [I.M] on their birthdays, so I would like it if you didn’t settle for what you can see but looked at me instead… You missed me, right?

I am also exercising and doing various things that can help me heal. I am reflecting on the things that I left behind while living my life until now, and I will work hard so that this time of reflection is not wasted. I miss you a lot too. I’m sorry for scaring Monbebes so early in the morning… I will become the best Joohoney. Everyone is living i a world that is tough and not easy. This city is so dizzying… I will persevere through this dizzying world and return. If you wait for me and seek me out again, I will come back as someone deserving of the name ‘cool Joohoney.’ I love you, Monbebes.

Let’s all pray for each other together. Everyone is going through a hard time and everyone hurts, right! I’m sorry that this ran a little long… I love you!

Earlier this month, Joohoney announced that he was taking a break from activities due to his mental health.

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