MONSTA X’s I.M Excitedly Responds To Trevor Daniel Being On Board With Working Together

MONSTA X’s I.M was delighted to find out that American singer-songwriter Trevor Daniel would be happy to work with him!

On May 23, I.M took to MONSTA X’s official Twitter account to respond to a tweet made by Trevor Daniel who wrote, “Changkyun [I.M’s real name] is dope. I’d work with him.” I.M excitedly responded, “What, how do you know my real name?”

I.M has mentioned Trevor Daniel multiple times in interviews and V Live broadcasts. He recently shared that he’s been enjoying Trevor Daniel’s music and that he believes they have similar tastes in music. He picked Trevor Daniel’s “OMG” as a song he’s especially been loving and said, “If I get the chance, I’d like to work on music with him.”

Hopefully we get to see a collaboration between I.M and Trevor Daniel in the future!

MONSTA X is currently gearing up for their comeback with “FANTASIA X,” which will be released on May 26. Check out their teasers here!

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