MONSTA X’s Hyungwon Overcomes His Biggest Fear That Lasted 8 Years—Thanks To SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan – KpopHit

Jeonghan helped him gain the courage to do it.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan joined his close friend MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon for his web series Mr. Chae the Castaway. They planned a relaxing day, which soon became stressful for the latter as he overcame a fear he’d held for eight years.

Jeonghan and Hyungwon. | @lifeishollow/Twitter

The two idols took a car trip to Inje for their amusement rides but were in for a funny surprise. The only ride available was the tallest bungee jump in Korea. Since it was the one ride Hyungwon had been avoiding for eight years, Jeonghan offered to do it with him.

It was so scary for Hyungwon that it took a while to gather the courage to bungee jump—especially for the first time.

Even when he reached the top, Hyungwon made everyone laugh by telling Jeonghan, “I’m in trouble.

After failing to jump the first time, Hyungwon overcame his fear and finally took the dive as Jeonghan supported him from afar.

Once his feet were planted back on solid ground, Hyungwon couldn’t believe he’d done it. His bravery was rewarded with a certificate for completing the tallest bungee jump in Korea.

Hyungwon wasn’t ready to bungee jump with MONSTA X eight years ago in Macau but finally overcame his fear with the support of Jeonghan. They’re always looking out for each other.


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