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MONSTA X released their 7th mini-album “FOLLOW: FIND YOU” and the title track ‘FOLLOW’ on Oct. 29. They are back more mature and more powerful than ever.

Here are a quick review and a sum up of the important points of the comeback.

MONSTA X did not disappoint with this new album. The group’s colors and charms are well embedded in all the tracks of this album.

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MONSTA X Official

The first track of the album ‘FIND YOU’ was released ahead of the comeback on Oct. 22. MONBEBE has been in love with MONSTA X’s theories and storylines in their previous MVs and was happy to see that this new MV giving more hints to their ideas.

The sad song highlights members’ beautiful voices featuring HyungWon stunning acting on a heartbreaking’s MV.

The second track is the powerful title track ‘FOLLOW’. The MV is reaching over 1,700,000 views as of Oct. 29, 4:30 pm KST (StarshipTV & 1theK combined).

There are various elements that caught attention in the MVs such as the powerful choreography (yes one more!) and a performance in the water. You can have a look at their first live performance here.

Members also mentioned that the MV included CGIs such as snakes, water, and that the color of the apple eaten by I.M was changed by the computer to blue.

‘MONSTA TRUCK’, ‘U R’, ‘DISASTER’ and ‘BURN IT UP’ follow in the album. They have different styles and are must-check B-side tracks. My heart goes to ‘BURN IT UP’ which definitely needs more spotlight.

Going to the 7th song, MONBEBE was more than delighted to see that ‘MIRROR’ was included in this album as it was the duo song of WonHo and ShowNu during their 3rd world tour ‘WE ARE HERE’ with a mirror-like choreography.

They impressed the audience at concerts with this song and this time all the seven members got to sing it. What is also interesting about this song is that ShowNu participated in the lyrics when he usually does not. WonHo, JooHoney, and I.M are the most active in the composition, arrangement, and lyrics.

The last track of the album is JooHoney’s self-made song with the collaboration of 9F in lyrics, composition, and arrangement as well as I.M for the lyrics. This sad song was made a long time ago by JooHoney and could have been a solo song for KiHyun but did not end up this way.

If you have yet to listen to the album preview, you can below.

As usual, members held their comeback show on V-Live and this time their hearts numbers have reached a new personal record of over 1.3 billion hearts!

Members introduced the 4 versions of the album and the different tracks. They also share episodes and did missions for fans. Don’t miss out on their live singing of ‘FIND YOU’.

Do you like MONSTA X’s comeback? What is your favorite song? Let us know.

What is your favorite song of “FOLLOW: FIND YOU”?


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