Listen: MONSTA X Sings “All About Luv” In 1st Full-Length English-Language Album

MONSTA X commented on their English-language album “All About Luv” taking No. 5 on the Billboard 200!

Kihyun previously expressed his thoughts towards fans and his members in an interview after the big announcement.

In a new interview, Minhyuk said, “I was so happy to see our name in that place where I’ve seen and experienced music since I was a trainee. I was happy with this new sense of accomplishment, and I kept laughing.” He added that he didn’t believe it when he heard the news at first and he thanked their fans Monbebe. He said, “I feel really grateful to Monbebe every time I go up on my dream stage and achieve a goal.”

Leader Shownu commented, “Our [musical] color and language have changed a bit, so we prepared a lot to put the new sides of us into the album. I’m happy we received support with such grateful results.”

I.M said, “We got great results, but we will enjoy music without dwelling on the results,” and Hyungwon stated, “I am more than happy [with our accomplishment], but I won’t be complacent, and I will try to achieve a better goal in the future.”

Joohoney wasn’t able to participate in the promotions for their American album due to health issues, but he shared, “I will also try to meet Monbebe in better shape, so I would appreciate it if you will continue to love us.”

It was announced on February 23 that “All About Luv” became MONSTA X’s first album to hit the Billboard 200 when it grabbed the No. 5 spot. The Billboard 200 ranks the most popular albums in the United States.

Congratulations again to MONSTA X on their achievement!

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