MOMOLAND Says “I’m So Hot” In Eye Catching New MV

MOMOLAND just dropped the MV for “I’m So Hot”!

Like the teaser the group released yesterday, the video starts off with a ’30s piano sound. The classic sound transitions into an addicting electronic beat, all the while attaining its original jazzy vibe, and puts a unique twist on an already catchy tune. 

The video parallels the musical background, starting with an old sepia-toned video reel, then morphing into a modern, retro set. The girls put on their own runway show, strut down the hallway, and change into an array of colorful outfits. 

Despite the bright coloring found throughout the video, the”I’m So Hot” MV is darker than their previous releases. In the past, MOMOLAND often put out cheerful, cute songs that were more playful in nature than they were sexy. The electro-pop vibe of the song may feel similar to songs like “BBOOM BBOOM,” but that’s where their similarities end. “I’m So Hot” makes use of darker shades and moves in another direction that feels mature and bold.

“I’m So Hot” was released fourteen hours ago and has already raked in over 2.82 million views. The video, as of 4:14 PM (PDT), is trending at #33 in the United States. 

MOMOLAND recently announced that members Taeha and Diasy will not be promoting alongside the group’s new EP due to health and personal issues. As such, both girls are absent from the MV.

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